Project: News Blog


This is the second project. It uses more advance features that are required for a web server such as:

  • Preliminary User (only for referencing username)
  • Dynamic retrieval and insertion into the database in large quantities.
  • Added support for posting comments. Users can post comments anonymously or via an account. Only registered users can edit/delete(unsupported) comments.
  • Added support for posting blog posts, but only available to owner users (me).
  • Added support to navigate throughout the blog posts via current blogs, by year, by month and year, and by date. Users can also navigate to earlier or newer blog posts.


News Blog

Posted by voxy on 2021-09-20 10:22:45.0

Had extended power outage (2+ hours).

This caused all systems to go down; had to restart.
This caused IP to get changed; had to readjust.

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